Programming - Java tutorial

On this page, you will find lessons to get started programming in Java. No previous programming experience is needed (I think) but it helps.

When I started programming Java, I found it difficult to find information that could really help me on my way to get started. In this tutorial, I will try to provide some information for the absolute beginners to start programming Java.

First, I will explain how to make a working programme. Only after the basics, concepts like object orientation and heritage will be discussed. We will be working with a DOS/UNIX command line window and a text editor. No IDE´s (Integrated Development Environment) will be used to program.

To program and run Java programmes yourself, you will need a compiler and the so-called ´Java Runtime Environment´. I would suggest that you download ´ JavaTM 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.4´ or higher from the internet site for your platform and install it. Note that these packages are between 30 and 40 Mb.

Furthermore, you will need a text editor such as Wordpad or download Textpad from for extended functions. Textpad is a plendid programme.

Lesson Zero: Setting up your programming environment.

Lesson One: The first programme that does absolutely nothing at all.

Lesson Two: Your first object.

Lesson Three: Putting code into methods.

Lesson Four: Adding components in your window.

Lesson Five: Variables and Layout.

Lesson Six: Making the ´+´ button work.

Lesson Seven: A good example of making a button work.

Lesson Eight: Making all buttons work.

Lesson Nine: Reading values from the text fields; calculating and displaying the result.

Lesson Ten: This is not a lesson anymore.